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Buying Used Cars Online - Helpful Dos and Don'ts

Thanks to the internet, we have grown accustomed to doing many, many things online. In the past, you might have done your Christmas shopping online, but you can do so much more now. In fact, you can even buy used cars online! If you are interested in doing so, please keep reading on for some helpful dos and don'ts.

DO see if you can see the car in person. When we use the phrase "buy used cars online" we often think of paying through an online method like PayPal. If at all possible, don't actually buy your car online but rather use the internet has a helpful buying tool. There are a lot of scams that surround for sale vehicles on the internet. You want to ensure that the vehicle actually exists and then make sure your money is being wisely spent on a quality car that runs great. If possible, do all your research online and communicate with the seller via email, but make your final purchase decision in person and after you have seen the car and taken it for a spin.

DON'T send cash through the mail even if you are only paying $500 for an old clunker. Cash through the mail is one of the oldest online scams. The seller gets your money, but some scammers will claim it never did arrive; therefore, they don't need to handover possession of the car in question. Whether you buy a car online, from a dealer, or from a local owner selling their vehicle, know that a check is always your best and safest method of payment.

DO familiarize yourself with other car buying scams. In addition to sending cash through the mail, which the seller may conveniently never get, there are other scams you want to be on the lookout for. Some scammers try to sell vehicles they never have. What they do this actually steal pictures from legitimate car listings online! You go to pay often by mailing cash, check, or a money order and they up and disappear with your money. Another scam is the car shipping scam. To prevent you from realizing right away that they don't actually have a car for sale, they arrange to have the vehicle transported to you. By the time most buyers catch on, the so-called seller is long gone with your money.

DON'T forget that buying a car online (whether you actually pay online or not) is just like buying a car locally. If you cannot physical test drive a vehicle, still do additional research. Closely examine pictures, read the listing multiple times for clues, do a value check on the Kelley Blue Book website, read reviews from experts and owners, and then do a check to see if the vehicle in question has even been the subject of a recall. Basically want you want to do is ensure that you if do buy a car, your money is wisely being spent.

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